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Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have said:

Dr Ceri Lewis (Chief Technology Officer, Crysalin)

“Diagnox has been an excellent place for us to start from, it enabled us to keep capital costs down and focused on what we really need. I don't know of any bio-science incubators which offer the range of facilities and instrumentation that Diagnox offers.
We were able to be fully up and running within a month of starting at the DiagnOx facility. We're now planning to expand , still within the DiagnOx, and the dedicated facilities (cell culture and microbiology) mean that we will need less lab additional lab space. The DiagnOx lab's excellent staff provide a range of support functions allowing our staff to stay focused on the science and I've looked at many facilities in Oxford and Cambridge and haven't found one that offers such a complete package for a bio-science start-up.

If I were David Cameron looking to help bio-science start-ups and entrepreneurship the Diagnox model would be one I'd look to replicate.”


Dr Suzanne Simmons (Chief Scientific Officer, Euzoia)

“Renting lab space from DiagnOx was instrumental in allowing us to move in and be running experiments within the same week. Networking within the DiagnOx facility is actively encouraged and aided by the staff, generating a friendly and helpful environment, which is extremely helpful for start-up companies.

It is a shame there are not more DiagnOx-run laboratories!”


Dr Sotiris Missailidis (Chief Executive, Euzoia)

“DiagnOx is invaluable and has allowed us to hit the ground running.”


Dr Samantha Decombel (Director, Play DNA)

“Having now been with DiagnOx for the past six weeks I have finally been able to make significant progress in the development of my new product. I found it extremely difficult to locate a suitable space to carry out the wet lab research until the DiagnOx Laboratory was recommended to me. In DiagnOx I have the support network and access to business contacts to give my company the best chance of success. I would wholeheartedly recommend the DiagnOx Laboratory as an ideal starting point for any new scientific companies in Oxfordshire.”


Hugo Tewson (SmartSensor Telemed)

“SmartSensor has found DiagnOx invaluable in obtaining rapid access to a wide range of laboratory facilities and support personnel to meet the changing needs of our varied R&D programme.

As SmartSensor moves towards completion and validation of the first product, access to the facilities at DiagnOx will be crucial in reducing time and cost to market.

DiagnOx has helped accelerate and underpin a rapid and successful transformation from an ideas company to an implementation business.”


Professor Clive Henry Buckberry (Director of Science & Technology, Quanta Fluid Solutions)

“Using the DiagnOx professional facilities, Quanta clearly benefited not only from the expert laboratory and fully managed services, but also from networking opportunities.”


Bruce Savage (Chief Executive Officer, GFC Diagnostics)

“The company has found the Diagnox to be invaluable since it has enabled the company to have access to fully equipped laboratories for its development without the high cost of fitting out and equipping a laboratory of its own. The assistance available in DiagnOx has been tremendously useful for operating the pilot freeze drying plant that is in the facility.

The Diagnox Laboratory was the reason why the company relocated from Birmingham and the flexible arrangements and service provided by the helpful staff have been invaluable.”


Dr Wilson Caparros-Wanderley (Chief Scientific Officer, PepTcell/SEEK).

“Working with the DiagnOx staff and managing team is something from which we have always benefited greatly, DiagnOx provide easy access to high quality laboratory facilities and services, and this played a key role in the early development of our company.”


Dr Suzanne Dilly (CEO, Tangent Reprofiling)

“The incubator lab has provided a flexible fully functional lab space, allowing Tangent to fluctuate between one and three fulltime scientists without compromising on equipment or space. The principle attraction of the incubator was the access to equipment that Tangent would need occasional use but no funds to purchase, for example, autoclaves and centrifuges. We have found many additional benefits of having a comprehensibly managed lab, in particular, assistance in applying for the GMO licence.

DiagnOx lab managers were happy to provide help at every level from filling out the forms to ensuring that the lab met all the safety requirements to assembling the safety committees.”


William Pope (Microbial Solutions)

“Using fully equipped DiagnOx laboratory space enables us to perform our entire microbiological test in cost effective and efficient way, DiagnOx laboratory staff are always on hand for equipment and technical advice as well as maintaining our Laboratory on daily basis.”


Dick Palmer (DiaMatrix)

“DiaMatrix choose the laboratories in the Diagnox Centre because the laboratories were very well equipped which met the needs of the development plan”


Dr Graham Mock (MacroConex)

“With professional help of DiagnOx starting up a new business is not any longer a naïve shot in the dark.”